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    The Chicago Section is part of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES), a not-for-profit technical society, whose mission is to advance knowledge and to disseminate information for the improvement of the lighted environment to the benefit of society.

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    Have you made an existing building more sustainable? Submit your project for an EBie Award by March 30. IES Chicago hopes our members will have multiple finalists and winners! Details at www.ebies.org.

    Upcoming Events

    April 23

    What can Smart Lights learn from Smartphones and what can Smartphones learn from Smart Lights?

    Integration, ease of use, apps and cloud based services are driving the unprecedented success of smart mobile devices and are affecting the future of many industries which so far had an established and secure position in their markets. Lighting – and for that matter the building management industry – will not be exempt from this revolution. Lighting based app and cloud managed services are enabled by integration of sensor and connectivity components in LED lights. Lights are installed virtually everywhere, have (electrical) power, have access to spaces, and form a dense network of ‘service nodes’: the ‘internet of lights’.

    Beside the obvious ability to commission and control groups and individual lights from smart devices, many types of services could be provided by such a network. Examples include light maintenance and light management services (through implementation of on-board diagnostic sensor and monitor functions), indoor location services (through Bluetooth and beacon technology), and asset tracking services (through integration of active and passive RFID technology).

    But how is this transition going to unfold? How do sensors and connectivity devices get integrated, and what is the right location for integration into fixtures? What types of wireless and wired connectivity are required? And how does security get managed in the ‘internet of lights’? John Yriberri of Xicato will share his insight into these topics in this talk.

    John Yriberri, Vice President of Marketing, Xicato

    Focal Point
    4141 South Pulaski Road
    Chicago, IL 60632

    Member $10 / Non-Member $15 / Student $5

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    April 7 – May 19

    The Spring 2015 Fundamentals of Lighting course is now open for registration. Weekly courses will be held from April 7 through May 19. Please see the Educational Courses page for additional information.